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Highest Recommendation, Without Reservation!
When I put my previous home on the market, I was concerned that I would have trouble selling it: It was a condo, and another, nearly identical unit in the same building had gone on the market 45 days earlier. It had gotten no offers at the time that my own unit was listed. These two agents, Lisa and Bobby put tremendous energy and an artistic eye into photographing and staging the unit, while aggressively reaching out to their professional network. They predicted with shocking accuracy the profile of the person that would end up buying it... And an offer was made within less than 48 hours of listing! I give Bobby and Lisa my highest recommendation, with absolutely no reservations.
The Best in Coastal Virginia
They have really sound advice for those seeking to purchase a home. Mr. Fenner is not afraid to be honest and tell you exactly what hoops need to be jumped through for any option that is being considered. He is very professional and did not hesitate to motivate the selling agents to fulfill their end of the agreement even when they tried their best to stall the purchase. Overall, Bobby and his partner, Lisa were a definite pleasure to deal with throughout the purchase of my first home. Even after my closing date, this team cares enough to call and check up on me even though our formal transaction has finished. The biggest difference with this team (as compared to other realtors I have dealt with) is that they really care about their clients. Try them out and you'll see why I think they’re the best in Coastal Virginia.
Their Fingers are Definitely on The Pulse!
Bobby and Lisa are 5-star agents in the Hampton Roads area and I would recommend their services to anyone looking to sell a home. They have exceptional marketing skills and an extensive network to rely on. As someone raised in Hampton Roads, I was impressed at how much this Team was able to teach me about my hometown. I was searching for an older home in Suffolk and Bobby and Lisa found the right one for me the day it was put on the market – they definitely have their fingers on the pulse of the housing market of Hampton Roads.
Like a Rock
Bobby was a rock throughout this year long process of purchasing this short sale. His expertise of this process and knowledge of the house, neighborhood, city and historic aspects of what would be needed to renovate and update this home was crucial to our purchase process. He is fun to work with and keeps you informed. He has access to vendors/contractors/handymen and all those things that an out of town buyer needs when renovations begin. There are "Agents" and then there are "Realtors" and he is the very best Realtor I have ever used and we have bought many properties in our lifetime. I am glad I spent the time and effort, to do the research that lead me to Mr. Fenner. It was well worth it. Compare him to anyone else in Hampton Roads and he will come out on top. Highly recommended!!!
She Educates Too!
Lisa is by far one of the best realtors to work with. On the buying or selling side she educates you and is very knowledgeable. She is the best realtor I've ever used to sell properties and I highly recommend Lisa for your next house sale or purchase. A+++++++
Bobby and Lisa were thorough, helpful and passionate about our neighborhoods history and homes in the community. Their knowledge of real estate and the process for buying and selling homes is outstanding. Their eye for detail, vision for change helped us sell our home in 1 day, and buy another home, quickly as well. They both worked well with the buyers, sellers and their fellow agents
I found Bobby to be an exceptional Real Estate Professional and individual. With his equally impressive partner, Lisa, they did an outstanding job enhancing the buyer appeal of my home and selling the home I’ve lived in with my husband and two sons for over 20 years. My home did not need any major repairs but it didn’t have that “wow” effect needed in today’s home selling market; if you don’t want your home to sit on the market for several months. Bobby and Lisa came in and gave me the needed help to Dress My Home for Success and package it for profit so it sold for more money than I thought possible. In only 5 days after it went on the market. I found them smart, knowledgeable and ethical. They are excellent communicators and negotiated a great deal to purchase our new home. I would recommend them without hesitation for all real estate needs in any of the 7 cities in Hampton Roads, Virginia.
Very Professional And Knowledgeable
"Bobby and Lisa are very professional and knowledgeable about the real estate business. They included us in updates of the market and advice on improving the sell of the home. I look forward in buying a new home with Bobby's expertise and advice. "
Made Our 1st Home Buying Experience A Walk In The Park!
"My Wife and I had a more than amazing experience dealing with Lisa and Bobby. They were both knowledgeable, way more that we were. They were nice, always on time. And pushed looked around no matter how many times we said no thank you on a house. I think they were happier than we were when we finally decided on one. They made our first house buying experience a walk in the park. Lisa kept me on track, and so understood about my laziness and forgetfulness. My Wife and I are both honored to have work with such a wonderful team."
We Found Our New Home In 2 Weeks!
"Within two weeks of signing a contract with Bobby Fenner and Lisa Burkett I had found the condo I was looking for. They were so helpful and resourceful during the home buying process, which I found out wasn't as easy as I thought. Without them at my side, I would not have my new home. They took me by the hand and guided me through this process every step of the way. I am not only pleased with my brand new condo, but I am very pleased with my current and future real estate agents"
Knowledgable And Professional...
"Bobby is the most knowledgeable and professional Realtor I've ever used to prepare my home for sale and buy my new home. He guided me through the purchase of my new home like a breath of fresh air. I referred several family members and friends to him."
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