Upgrade Your Bathroom On a Shoestring!

Bobby Fenner, Lic. in VA
Bobby Fenner, Lic. in VA
Published on April 18, 2017

It’s true, the kitchens and bathrooms are the workhorses of any home. Every member of every family spends time in each room, many times a day and, over many years, both of these can become rather worn and drab. Yes they could use a remodel, but with the average cost of a bathroom remodel costing $9,275, more or less, you may want to consider a DIY makeover instead.

It doesn’t matter if you’re putting the home on the market or just want to give it a brand new feel, and a complete bathroom remodel is not in your budget, take a look at some of the ideas our team BHHS Towne Realty – Buy or Sell Hampton Roads Team has put together to assist you spruce it up without breaking the bank.

Clean It Up

Sure, it’s a basic suggestion, but a clean slate will help you see exactly where you need to start on your bathroom makeover. Clean the bathroom from top (yes, even the light bulbs can use a good dusting) to bottom.

Rid the counters of the accumulation that typically accumulate there – the makeup, blow dryer, toothpaste and drug tubes and bottles. If it’s not decorative, put it in a closet.

Take down the shower curtain and shower curtain liner, remove those throw rugs and wash the towels if you’ll be keeping them.

Paper or paint?

What you do to your walls can be a game changer. Paint or wallpaper will instantly transform the space in a variety of ways, from making a tiny bathroom feel roomier to giving it an entirely different feel. Color, whether in paint or paper form, works wonders.

There are advantages and disadvantages to both wallpaper and paint, so take some time to consider carefully which you’ll use. Wallpaper is harder to work with than paint and it’s much harder to remove when you (or a homebuyer) decide they no longer want it. The advantage of wallpaper, however, is that it can provide texture and patterns that are much harder to achieve with paint.

Of course there are other wall treatments to consider if you’re not on a tight budget. These include shiplap, board and batten and others.

Whichever you choose, the walls are the second task after cleaning.

Shed some new light

New home builders aren’t particularly knowledgeable about proper lighting techniques. The ubiquitous Hollywood lighting strips in bathrooms are a perfect example of this. Women, especially, rely on proper lighting in the bathroom when applying cosmetics and lighting above the mirror is the absolute worse for that purpose, according to lighting experts.

These experts recommend attaching lighting sconces at eye-level on each side of the mirror. So, consider this when purchasing new lighting for the bathroom.

Update accessories

Depending on your budget, new accessories can include items as small (but with a big impact) as new throw rugs to a new mirror and faucets. Consider at least buying a snappy shower curtain and coordinating towels and rugs.

Ditch the plastic switch covers for some of the new ones that come in a wide range of finishes, such as aged bronze and brushed nickel. With a bit larger budget, you can quickly add new life to the bathroom by replacing the drawer pulls and cabinet door knobs to match the finish of the switch plates.

Finally, don’t forget those walls you worked so hard on – consider adorning them with artwork

Most homeowners spend between $5,534 and $13,040 to remodel their bathrooms, according to HomeAdvisor. With a little creativity and far less money, you can give yours a cosmetic makeover in just a weekend.

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