Tips to Sell Your Home This Fall

Bobby Fenner, Lic. in VA
Bobby Fenner, Lic. in VA
Published on October 8, 2016


Spring and summer is the busiest time of the year for the real estate market. But just because it’s fall doesn’t mean your home won’t sell.

Fall is a great time to put your home on the market. Prospective buyers who aren’t worried about moving after the school year will be anxious to seal the deal and be into their new home before the holiday season starts.

Fall is a great time to clean up the yard and create a warm and cozy atmosphere inside your home for any prospective buyers. Here are some tips to help make your home autumn-attractive to sell before the winter weather comes.

Looking to make a quick sale before the winter arrives? Here are a few tips to prep your house for sale in the fall.

Time to Clean Up

As a seller you will want to do everything you possibly can to get your home looking its best. Pay close attention to eliminating any clutter that could be a safety hazard. Make sure your lawn, sidewalks, and gutters are free of leaves and tree branches. Keep your yard neatly mowed. Keep your trees trimmed so the fall wind doesn’t knock down branches and create unsightly damage. It tends to rain in the fall so make sure there is a doormat for potential homebuyers to wipe their feet. If there is already snow on the ground, make sure your sidewalk, stairs, and front porch are free of ice and snow. Wash your deck and windows to eliminate streak marks from the fall rain. It’s also a good idea to have your fireplace and chimney cleaned if you have one.

Autumn Curb Appeal

Fall is a great time to decorate the outside of your home. Placing pumpkins on the porch or along the sidewalk or a fall wreath on your front door will give your home an instant pop of color. Something as simple as changing the light bulbs on the outside to a soft orange will create a nice fall glow. Stalks of Indian corn or a small bale of hay might be a nice idea as well.

Keep the Inside Cozy

Creating a warm inviting feeling during the fall and winter months means more than just curb appeal. Walking into a chilly home can create an instant uninviting impression. Think about setting the thermostat to a comfortable temperature to help create that cozy at home feeling.

It gets darker earlier in the fall and lighting is important. Checking to make sure all your outdoor lights are working and on is important. Leaving a lights on  when showing are scheduled help to create that perfect first impression (Remember you only have one chance to create that 1st impression). Don’t forget, adding a touch of fall  with decorating and a pop of color with pillows to the sofa or a fall centerpiece or bowl of fall fruit on the coffee table or the dining room table is also a nice touch.

These efforts coupled with a fall aroma of pumpkin or cinnamon apples is a great idea as well. Remember you want a hint of aroma, nothing overpowering or your buyers will think you are trying to cover up something. A small scented candle or one plug-in air freshener that buyers can smell when they walk in the door is all you need.

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