Consider The Commute Before Saying “ok” To The House

Bobby Fenner, Lic. in VA
Bobby Fenner, Lic. in VA
Published on March 10, 2017

If your commute to work looks like 25 minutes, congratulations – you’re average, according to a 2009 study by the United States Census Bureau. Commuting to and from work is a very real part of American life for most people, yet until fairly recently Coastal Virginia commuters seldom considered when they’re shopping for a new home. 

While it’s easy to get distracted by a great kitchen or a sexy backyard, this is your opportunity to reduce the commute time for getting to and from the job. The Buy or Sell Hampton Roads Team has put together a few things for you to consider as you are choosing your new community.

Consider this

The Buy or Sell Hampton Roads Team think it’s a safe bet that not many #homebuyers are attempting to increase their commute time to and from work. The more time we spend commuting, the less time we have to enjoy our home and family.  The Buy or Sell Hampton Roads Team would like our clients, to keep in mind, as you shop for your new neighborhood, that gas prices are volatile and will affect your monthly gasoline expenses.

If a #homebuyer would like to get an estimate on how long it will take him or her to get to work from a particular neighborhood, please make the actual commute before making the purchase. Consider the homes the Buy or Sell Hampton Roads Team has for sale in the many neighborhoods in Coastal Chesapeake, VA.

Road conditions, freeways and highways

A freeway through Coastal Chesapeake, VA has had a positive impact on home values in the area, accordingly when deciding between neighborhoods, a home in a community near a beltway like Route 64/664 may hold its value better than the one in a highwayless area, provided the home isn’t directly adjacent to the highway.

The Buy or Sell Hampton Roads Team would like homebuyers to be mindful that weather events may impede your commute as well.

If you don’t drive

If you use public transportation for your commute, the location of your home becomes an important consideration factor. The closeness to a bus line, trains and other modes of public transportation should be considered carefully so #homebuyers don’t end up with an even more difficult commute.

Chuck the commute

Working from your home or telecommuting provides the ideal commute. There’s nothing that compares to a short walk down the hallway or up to the FROG, to the home office. If your employer offers a telecommute option, consider taking advantage of it, at least on a part-time basis.  There is much to consider when #homebuyers are looking their dream home and location, because it has a direct impact on your quality of life, is one of the most important considerations.

Bobby Fenner  is a Full Time Realtor with over 30 years experience in the Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. Real Estate Markets. He and his team of Real Estate Pros offer the highest level of service.  If you’re buying or selling a Coastal Virginia home, call (757) 439-5779 or email [email protected] We’ll be happy to assist you in your move.

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Consider The Commute Before Saying “ok” To The House
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